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Increase efficiency of turbines and your profit

At Close to the Moon Ltd. we recommend regular cleaning and maintenance of wind turbines. This is important not only for aesthetic reasons, but above all because as dirt and deposits accumulate on the turbines, their efficiency in producing electricity decreases.

Cleaning and inspection of turbines

A wind turbine should be cleaned on average every 5 to 7 years to achieve maximum efficiency. At Close to the Moon Ltd. we carry out comprehensive cleaning of wind turbines, in addition to inspecting the blades during the work and, if necessary, reporting the need for repairs. Our staff are able to gain safe access to the outside of the nacelle, tower and turbine blades.

Our philosophy

Close to the Moon is an excellently trained and qualified team of professionals who can successfully deal with even the largest dirt accumulated on wind turbines. The result of our work is thoroughly cleaned wind turbines that operate with maximum efficiency.

Dirt accumulated on wind turbines not only means an unpleasant appearance and decreased performance, but also possible contamination of the ground on which they stand. Regular cleaning of the turbines does not only increase profits, but also minimizes costs associated with downtime of the turbine and recultivation and cleaning up contaminated soil.

Work systems

Our team are certified specialists with many years of experience and as standard we work in accordance with local legislation and in the following systems:

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IRATA is the acronym for the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association, which was formed in the UK in the late 1980s to address maintenance issues in the offshore oil and gas industry. Its formation was the result of a number of leading companies taking the initiative to use industrial rope access techniques to provide the industry with a safe working environment.
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Global Wind Organisation is a not-for-profit organisation founded by world’s leading wind turbine manufacturers and owners / operators. Our members strive to create a working environment free from injury in the wind turbine industry by setting common international standards for safety training and emergency procedures.

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VCA/SCC – Safety Certificate Contractors, Safety Checklist for Contractors are safety, health and environmental management systems for subcontractors carrying out work with a higher risk of accidents. They are recognised as the most common health, safety and environmental management system in the European Union.

Extensive experience with turbines



We base our work exclusively on professional, certified equipment, designed for each specific task. We only use equipment from the best manufacturers, which gives us a guarantee that the project will be completed quickly and, above all, safely. Each approach to a task is preceded by an analysis, followed by an action and risk plan. The main objective is always a lasting result and customer satisfaction.

Cleaning products

We use approved specialist cleaning products including Moebert HM Classico for hydrocarbons retention and grease removal. Our standard is to always follow the rules of use of these clearning agents, thus minimising turbine cleaning time and retention losses. This translates directly into benefits for the customer and for our team.

Our offer

Wind turbines service


Cleaning wind turbines from oil and grease deposits


Fumigation of wind turbines

Shovel cleaning and inspections

Installation and maintenance of fire protection systems


Anti-corrosion service for wind turbines


Wind turbines painting service

Fire protection systems


Installation and dismantling of fire protection systems


Support structures for supply pipes for fire protection systems


Post activation sprinklers replacement with new ones

Additionally we provide


Rope access projects

We carry out all kinds of  projects at height using proven and safe IRATA association techniques.


Steel constructions

Assembly and disassembly using rope access techniques combined with rigging techniques and working with cranes.


Cable ducts

Construction of cable routes including the supply of power cables, emergency cables providing temporary power supply during a fire, as well as control and GSM cables from point A to point B.


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